About Us

    Hitrade Co. Ltd was established in 2003 with a business objective to sell and distribute towels, bed sheets, pillow covers, table cloths, chair covers, etc.
Our target market are Thai corporate clients including Hotels, Hospitals, Spa, Restaurants, Governmental agencies, as well as any retail clients.
We are dedicated to continuosly improve our products to meet customer demands and quality standards.

    Our company can assure customers that our products are manufactured in a factory with high quality machinery and quality control is always conducted during manufacture to obtain products of high standards suited for use.

    Our marketing is aimed primarily at meeting customer demands. There must be a variety of product lines for customers to choose from.
Most importantly, our products must be of high quality at an affordable price. Our company would be glad to work and serve our customers to be part of your success which in turn is the foundation of our success.